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8/10/2003 12:15pm I was happily playing in my
mums custom built swimming pool when bang
someone pulled the plug and let all the water out.
8/10/2003 2:15pm What's happening, something
is squeezing and pushing me. I'm not happy about
this so I push and kick back. I like it here I'm not
going down without a Fight!
9/10/2003 4:00pm More than a day later and I think I am
winning! But wait, the doctors just given mummy a shot
and the squeezing just got harder, I'm losing ground.
10/10/2003 4am I can see daylight (mums fully dilated)
don't like the look of that out there If you want me out
your gonna have to come and get me!
10/10/2003 5:30am Mummy's now on the midwives side
and is trying to push me out.
10/10/2003 6:50am Well I think I'm done for, they have
just stuck this sink plunger thing on my head and are
pulling me out. (click on the picture to see the real
10/10/2003 7:17am I give up I'm too tired to fight any
more I have to admit defeat I'm on my way out!