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Name   : Alexander Christopher Jones

Born     :10/10/2003 @ 7.17am

Weight : 7lb 3oz

Thats me above with my mummy.
I'm a handsome chap don't you think, I already have more hair
than daddy, long eyelashes and a cute button nose.
Watch out all you ladies!

11/10/2003 pm I am very sleepy and my skin
has gone a funny yellow colour, my doctor tells
me I have Jaundice.
I feel a bit sick and I’m fed up mummy keeps
sticking her boobs in my mouth I’m just not
12/10/2003 I think I need a holiday but the doctor
wont let me, best he can do is give me a sun bed
Daddy didn’t have enough time to get me my
shades so I had to have cotton wool over my